Their earthy riffs, powerful grooves and meaty-raw vocals have thrilled crowds all over Northern Germany. They're currently working on their fourth album, and they're always hungry to play!


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left to right/top to bottom:



- Jan (Guitar)

- Martin (Vocals)

- André (Drums)

- Dennis (Bass Guitar)


Founded by Dennis, Jan and Werner in the beginning of 2006 to live out their passion for Stoner and Heavy Rock, El Camino would soon become their main band. With Hans-Bernd on drums and Holger on the microphone, they earned their first spurs on stages in and around their hometown Löningen.


In April 2007 André took the drum seat, five months later Martin grabbed the microphone. With this line-up, El Camino have released three full-length albums and rocked over 120 stages.


Due to Werner's leaving in January 2015 the band decided to continue as a four-piece while incorporating more Stoner and Doom elements into their sound.


Their third album Black Fuel reflects quite a melodic approach, the band's fourth LP will feature some really rough but catchy stuff. You can hear the band's new approach on their Single Rider - stay tuned on this website and on Facebook for further news!